Grace Notes Music Studio & String Ensembles

Cello, Piano, & Theory Lessons -- Music for Special Occasions

The Ensembles

We have a wide range of ensembles available to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Descriptions of our most popular ensembles are shown below.

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String Quartet

This quartet boasts the fullest sound of the small string ensembles. Comprised of two violins, viola and cello, the richness of the harmonies will be sure to delight. Out of the ensembles offered, this ensemble also has the most music composed specifically for it, as many composers wrote wonderful music for string quartet.

String Trio

A thinner sound than the quartet, the ensemble is usually made up of violin, viola and cello (though occasionally two violins and cello). Most of the music for this ensemble is arranged from quartet or keyboard repertoire. For the budget-minded, a good substitute for the quartet, at the expense of some volume and balance.

Piano Trio

A more modern take on the traditional quartet! Made up of a violin, cello and piano, the pianist takes centre stage, covering more than one string voice. This ensemble plays mostly arrangements, but offers some cool jazz improvisations on request.

Please note: Venue must have a piano available.

Also available:

  • String Duo (Violin and Cello)
  • Cello and Piano
  • Cello Trio
  • Organ & Cello or Organ alone
  • Strings & Voice

**Please contact us for full pricing and availability. Additional travel fees may apply.